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Hello There!

Thank you for stopping on my site! My name is Jasmine Monteleon and if you're here, you already know that photography is a huge passion of mine!

Believe it or not, my true love for it all started when I was only 12 years old. My parents had bought me my very first digital camera for Christmas that year because they were tired of me borrowing their computer (which had a webcam) which I constantly used to make videos and take selfies with friends, haha!

From that moment on, I started to take the photography world more seriously. Although I didn't start a business, I was always snapping away and asking friends and family to be my models.

To be honest, the reason I didn't start my business sooner is because I let fear get the best of me. I feared I wasn't good enough, that my business would fail and that people would never actually "pay" for my work. But thanks to God and incredible encouragement from my family, I overcame that fear!

Meet my cute little family!

This is my sweet husband Nick and our two fur babies, Zoey and Skye! We have battled with infertility/losses since 2022 but the Good Lord has blessed us with a beautiful miracle girl who is coming soon! We are so thankful to God and can't wait to step into parenthood!

When we actually have a day off together, we love to spend it going out. We both are very adventurous people and love being out and about. With that being said, you could most likely find us at our favorite Mexican restaurant or somewhere trying to plan our next travel destination!


Although we do love our adventure time, we also cherish our home moments which consist of watching movies and reading the Bible together. Our faith is so important to us and is such a huge part of who we are! We always do our best to live lives that reflect the goodness of God! We are so thankful for his many blessings.

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My Other Passion!

When I'm not taking pictures, I get to live out my other passion of music with my incredible family! My dad has been in the music business his whole life and whenever my brothers and I came along, him and my mom decided to let us be in on the fun too! We do hundreds of shows each year and get to travel to fun places such as Florida in the off season! I am so thankful to have the chance to work closely with my family on the regular. Not many people get to do that which makes me all the more grateful. I truly believe it has played a huge role in our family's closeness!

Now that's enough about me! I want to hear about YOU! Go head over to my contact page and let's get connected. :)

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